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Dear Farmers, Primary producers, agricultural Wholesalers and Retailers,

Welcome to agrarium.EU, the European Agricultural Online Wholesale Market!

Why did we create this site?

Well, on the one hand to reduce the number of nights you spend annually on wholesale markets trying to sell your goods you harvested. Also to give you a chance to spend more time with your family or to allocate more time for value-added activities. Last but not least, we made this portal to provide you a comprehensive, European database about the agricultural sellers and buyers.

If you have ever made business in agricultural marketplaces, dealing with large quantities, it will be easy for you to navigate on the market of agrarium.eu. You can create your market stand in the same way like you do on the field. You can put your goods onto the stand, right next to each other and show them to your buyers, like you do on the field. You can talk to other sellers and buyers too about prices, payment terms, qualities, delivery leadtimes like you do on the field. It is up to you and your partner whether you can make business or not.

Why agrarium.eu is different than others?

The European Agricultural online wholesale marketplace never closes its gates. We are open 24/7, you can create your stand or visit others’ one whenever you want. On the European Agricultural Online marketplace you do not have to pay to create your stand, you do not have to wake up early in the morning to have your best place. All services are free and the more service you use, the more chance your company has to be contacted by potential partners. There is no need to look around agrarium.eu marketplace, since our Market News automatically informs you about the latest prices of vegetables and fruits, about local and regional agricultural events.

Agrarium.EU is a European marketplace. In your local and regional markets you can make deals only with your close partners. However, if you have pepper, tomato, carrot or apple to sell or to buy, a Russian factory or a German wholesaler might also contact you at any time. If this happens, it is up to you how you make the deal. Like on the field, isn’t it?

Important to mention that agrarium.eu covers not only the vegetable-fruit sector, but all segments of the European agriculture. Grain, fodder, livestock, vinery products can be placed on your stand at any time, together with machinery, equipments from plough to tractor. You can sell fertilizer or grinder, you can buy Serbian spruce or apricot jam. You can place 800 types of agricultural products on your stand, buy or sell!

Agrarium.EU redefines the term ‘agricultural cooperation’ too. In 21st century, companies, regardless of their size must be global players, and this is vital for agricultural players, especially for small farmers. That’s why we were thinking about you, who lives in a small village and has a limited amount of capacity for production. If you have difficulties in selling your apple, and your neighbor produces apple too, you can establish the cooperation named “Cooperation of Apple producers in Shropshire, West Midlands, UK”. Cooperation stands work the same way as individual ones. The only difference is the quantity: on cooperation stand, the quantity to sell/buy is aggregated from the individual members’ quantities to sell/buy. By offering cooperative business, smaller firms can compete more effectively on global markets.

Agrarium.EU is a kind of community site. Farmers with similar interests can discuss their experiences and problems in our fora, other members can blog as well. This is to establish a community in an industry where regional barriers still exist in everyday business.

Get to know the European Agricultural wholesale market, its producers, farmers, wholesalers and all stakeholders! Get to know the market prices by products, by regions, by countries! Get to know the quantities to buy or to sell, the prices for vegetables, fruits, equipments or livestocks! Get to know the customers, suppliers, your competitors – everybody! Register and create your stand within 5 minutes!

We do appreciate to have your comments, notes or problems. Feel free to Contact us today!